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Introduction To PersonaGrata

The name PersonaGrata comes from a Latin expression roughly translating to “person welcome”. PersonaGrata Consulting is designed around the idea that a person can be welcomed wherever they go for whomever they are. PersonaGrata is a nod to resilience, a loving act of rebellion for those who have been treated as “Persona NON Grata”.

Our Values

Image by Sixteen Miles Out


The concept of illuminate is in reference to bringing the darkness into the light. Essentially shining a light on each of us as whole persons who live within complex systems that are both dark and light.

Image by Claudio Schwarz


The concept of accompaniment has become an integral part of my journey, with a nod to critical theories of education and social justice movements with roots in South America. I believe that If we are all “just walking each other home”, there is a path forward for each of us to discover within that will enable us to be fully human on this great walk home.

Image by SJ Objio


The concept of flourishing is about how each of us lives and grows into the life we are meant to live and how that intersects with each of our parts in creating a flourishing environment and universe.

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